I have an account on SaudiNIC’s portal, and I forgot the password?

You can reset your password by filling out a special form designated for that. For more detail, please see "Password reset steps"
These steps require the following:

  1. Your ability to access and use the email address associated with this account for the purpose of activating the password reset.
  2. knowing the correct answer to the secret question.

But, if also you have forgotten the answer to the secret question, then you should use the following form. For more details, see "Steps for obtaining password and secret question after forgetting them both". This requires providing SaudiNIC with the mobile number associated with. So that, after validating the input data with account information stored in the system, you'll receive an SMS message with the new password.

Nevertheless, in the case the mobile number is also inaccurate or has been changed, then there is no remedy except  creating a new account and then fetching the required domains to it.