• Regulations


As a part of its mandate, SaudiNIC prepared a complete list of regulation, rule, guideline documents that cover all aspects of the services. These documents represent the bases for all the services provided by SaudiNIC. They are reviewed and updated in regular bases using a well-defined policy development process. All regulations are legality binding for all SaudiNIC clients. Regulation and policy are developed and updated according to a well-defined Policy Development Process.

  • SaudiNIC DNSSEC Practice Statement
    The Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) Practice Statement (DPS) is a statement of security practices and provisions made by the Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC). This DPS is intended to document the policy practices and procedures that are followed in conjunction with DNSSEC for the Saudi Top Level Domains (TLD) that are managed by SaudiNIC (.SA and .السعودية).