Arabic domain names

Arabic domain names works in exactly the same way as the normal domain names, with the clear difference that they are written in Arabic, they can be used in all the applications and services specially in web browsing. The main idea behind the Internationalized domain names is the utilization of the ( punycode ) representation. Domain names are handled in ASCII within the DNS system while they are represented to users in Arabic or any other language.

About Arabic Domain Names

Arabic domain names under ( السعودية. ) follow the same rules and regulations applied for the Saudi domain names under ( .sa ), specially the Saudi Domain Name Registration, there are also other important documents that regulate and define other areas.

Tools that developed by SaudiNIC used to facilitate the registration and usage of Arabic domain names, like the ( UNICODE to ASCII punycode ) converting tool and the visual similarity tool.

For more than a decade of efforts in supporting Arabic domain names, a lot of reports and documents accumulated, they represent a very voluble resource for technical and research issues. all can be reached from here. 


Arabic domain names registration under ( السعودية. )  is currently possible as part of the Saudi domain names registration service .